After Week One

For anyone who happens to be off the American East Coast, the past week was cold. It made for an interesting morning commute. But on to relevant things; I just needed a minute to contemplate my frozen fingertips.

In spite of how confused my roommate gets, what I actually do at the Research Office is relatively straightforward. My responsibilities tend to be split between design and front-end web development with the occasional intersection. The design work goes from quick icons to be used on the websites we work on to conference materials like agendas, name badges, and the slideshows that fill the gaps between keynotes. The webwork comprises of basic maintenance and continuing the development of a new site for the Research Office.

In addition, I get the occasional special project that brings the two together. Wrapping up next week, I have the challenge of taking images of a newspaper from the 1969 moon landing and turning it into some kind of interactive web experience. So far, there has been some ideation but first and foremost, I am working toward giving the user the ability to see the copy cleanly set and clearly visible. I’m also exploring the idea of incorporating some kind of context to the articles for those of us in 2018 but time permitting.

We’ll see how it ends up.


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