Gahh! Changes!

So in the world of computers, there has been an interesting “adjustment” to get used to. Without bogging everyone down with computer science crap that I really only get sort of get from a video or two I found after I got an email about it, one of the fundamental aspects of efficiency in computing has been exploited. As a result, the systems I use, have been slowed down. That being said, it reminded me of the honest nature of working on the web and its parallels with Design.

What I find with working the web is the tendency for my docket and priorities to change more than a few times on the same day. Last week, I had it in my mind that I would be focussing most of my efforts on my the newspaper project, but instead, there was a push on a completely different aspect of my work, more related to the pure web-content. The change itself took me by surprise for a moment and the sudden issues with our system made the whole process a bear. Where it ties in with some of my past experiences and how design as a whole works is more or less the organic nature of it all.

I think that there is a romanticization tacked on to design that it is somehow all-encompassing and instantaneous, but what I find is that it lives and breathes in ways that are almost entirely dependant on the conditions it is initially developed in. It acts more as a culmination of subjective decisions than any objective ideal.

This week, as a whole felt a bit crazy to the point of almost being unstable, but it was more the result of rapidly changing conditions in the web environment and what was brought to my attention as an immediate concern than the design of the site itself, which has been consistent as any project at this stage in development could be.

I ended off last week, confident about what I was going to do in the days to come but I was clearly unprepared for the rapid-fire adjustments to my workload. This week, I end off with the simple idea: I have my responsibilities, and switching around is just the nature of my work.


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